Pentagon Warned Flynn in 2014, Launches Investigation

Pentagon warned Flynn in 2014 against taking foreign payments; IG launches investigation

Ranking Member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Elijah Cummings has released three new documents related to former National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s acceptance of payment by the Russian and Turkish governments.

The documents consist of a 2014 letter from the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Office of General Counsel informing Flynn that he was prohibited from accepting payment from a foreign government without first receiving consent from the Secretary of the Army and the Secretary of State; an April 2017 letter sent from DIA to the House Oversight Committee informing the Committee that DIA has no records indicating that Flynn sought permission or approval before accepting foreign government payments; and an April 2017 letter from the Inspector General of the Department of Defense informing the Committee of an internal investigation into whether Flynn “failed to obtain required approval” before accepting payments.

The documents are available in full here and below.

DIA Counsel Letter to Flynn 10 8 2014 (Text)

DIA to OGR Unclassified Cover Letter (Text)

IG Ltr to Chaffetz (Text)