Trump Can Take Money From His Businesses Without Disclosing It

ReportTrump Can Take Money From His Businesses Without Disclosing ItDonald Trump is reportedly now able to pocket as much money as he wants from any of his businesses while serving as president—and is not required to disclose it. According to ProPublica, documents outlining the trust in which Trump placed his businesses in January have been changed to make that possible. Trump’s trust can “distribute net income or principal to Donald J. Trump at his request,” or when his son and lawyer “deem appropriate.” This does not have to be disclosed because the trust and the Trump Organization are privately held, according to ProPublica. Before becoming president, Trump put his empire into a trust run by his sons in an effort to create space between the presidency and his businesses. “President Trump believed it was important to create multiple laters of approval for major actions and key business decisions,” Trump Organization spokeswoman Amanda Miller said.