The First 100 Days of President Trump: Grade ‘F’

Judge Blocks Trumps Sanctuary City OrderToday is the 100th day President Trump’s presidency, and so far it has been a miserable failure.

In his first 100 days he has yet to pass any legislation except to keep the government open for a week, and has done virtually nothing to bring the country together. In addition to that, he has alienated key allies, dropped bombs on Syria that had no effect, launched a Seals mission that killed innocents and gained no intelligence, and the list goes on and on.

On top of all that, Trump and his team are under investigation for their collusion with Russia and Michael Flynn is under serious scrutiny for his role.

If we are to give a scorecard here it is:

Uniting Americans: F-
Foreign Policy: D
Domestic Policy: D
Laws Passed: F-
Leadership Qualities: F
Keeping Promises: F-
Golfing Rounds: A

No Wall, no ACA repeal, no tax plan, his travel ban blocked and his attack on sanctuary cities also blocked. By anyones count except for maybe his own blind supporters, he is a complete failure.