Trevor Noah: Donald Trump Is Just Like Alex Jones [VIDEO]

Trevor Noah thinks President Trump is β€˜also a character who whips people up with whatever provocative bullshit works.’ β€œI see why Donald Trump has always liked Alex Jones, they’re basically doing the same thing.”

β€œOn the campaign, he’s like, β€˜China is raping us on trade everybody!’” he added. β€œAnd then all of a sudden, he goes, β€˜President China ate my cake, it’s cool, we’re good now.’”

β€œMaybe Trump is also a performance artist. Maybe this is all a scam,” Noah said, noting how β€œcrazy” it would be to find out in court one day that Trump β€œthe entire time has been somebody else.”

β€œβ€˜Oh my God, Melania, the people are just, they’re so insufferable, I really can’t handle it,’” Noah imagined the real Trump saying behind closed doors in an upper-crust British accent. β€œThey’re just the worst, they really are, just the worst.”