Trevor Noah Takes On Trump’s First 100 Days [VIDEO]

Trevor Noah celebrated Donald Trump’s 100th day in office or how he called it on Monday night’s show, “for us 15 years, but we’re all living in Trump time so it’s 100 days.”

After saying it was an “early milestone of presidential success,” Noah showed clips of former presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush and Lyndon B. Johnson talking about the success they had in their First 100 Days in office. Adding that Trump has ignored a lot of presidential traditions, Noah noted how Trump was “all about the 100 days” when he was campaigning, yet has fallen short on all of his promises.

“I bet Trump is one of those people who makes too many New Year’s resolutions, you know” Noah quipped. “January first, I start my diet, sign up for pilates, I finally face my biggest fear, making eye contact with my son Eric. That guy gives me the creeps,” he said in his best Trump impression.

Noah continued by naming all the things that Trump has been unsuccessful in doing like getting his travel ban approved, repealing Obamacare and how no one wants to pay for the wall.

“And if you’re a Trump supporter you may be saying, ‘Well at least he tried. Doesn’t that count for something?’ No, it doesn’t. It really doesn’t,” he said proceeding to explain how a Boy Scout doesn’t get his badge for trying to help an old lady cross the street. “They either help her across or she gets crushed by an 18-wheeler. That’s how it works.”

With the 100th day mark approaching, Trump has decided to “moved the goal post” and say that the 100th day mark doesn’t apply to him.

“Donald Trump can’t suddenly say that 100 days is an arbitrary number because he ran on the 100 days during the campaign,” Noah explained. “You don’t get to just disregard the number because you don’t like the current results. Because if most voters in America got to choose the number they preferred,” he said, showing the popular vote total with Hillary Clinton almost 3 million votes ahead, “Well, you wouldn’t be in the White House, Donald.”