Truck Driven Into a Crowd in Stockholm, Injuring Several

Truck Driven Into a Crowd in Stockholm Injuring SeveralAuthorities in Sweden’s capital say a beer truck was driven into a crowd of people on a pedestrian street and into a department store in the center part of the city on Friday. At least two people have been killed and many more have been injured, according to local reports. Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet quoted a witness who described hundreds of people running away from the incident which was close to Ahlens mall. “A vehicle has injured people in Drottningatan,” said police spokeswoman Towe Hagg. Live footage of the scene showed smoke rising from the department store after the crash.
Swedish PM Stefan Löfven told reporters on Friday that at least one suspect has been detained. “Sweden has been attacked, everything points to an act of terrorism,” he said. “We stood inside a shoe store and heard something… and then people started to scream,” Jan Granroth, a witness, told Aftonbladet. “I looked out of the store and saw a big truck.”