Comey Exaggerated Claim About Abedin Forwarding Clinton Emails

Comey Exaggerated Claim About Abedin Forwarding Clinton EmailsFBI Director James Comey misstated the facts in his testimony on Huma Abedin’s role in the Hillary Clinton email scandal, and FBI officials are trying to figure out how to correct the record, ProPublica reported Monday. Citing two anonymous sources familiar with the matter, ProPublica reported that FBI officials have acknowledged that Comey exaggerated his claims while testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week. That testimony marked the first time Comey offered a full explanation for why he chose to announce new emails on Oct. 28, just days before the presidential election and before they had been examined properly by investigators. In his testimony, Comey alleged the Clinton aide had made “a regular practice” of forwarding “hundreds and thousands” of Clinton’s emails to her husband, Anthony Weiner, to be printed out, a move Comey said forced the FBI to renew its investigation. The claim left lawmakers asking why Abedin wasn’t being prosecuted for sending emails with classified information to an individual’s computer. Sources cited by ProPublica said Comey’s claims were inaccurate, however, and that Abedin had sent only a handful of emails to Weiner, none of which carried “classified” labels. Abedin has yet to comment on Comey’s testimony, but her lawyer said after the FBI director’s Oct. 28 letter that Abedin didn’t know how the emails could have wound up on Weiner’s computer. Officials cited by ProPublica said the emails may have gotten onto his computer from a backup of Abedin’s BlackBerry device.