Experts Warn Of Second Wave Of Ransomware Hacks

Experts Warn Of Second Wave Of Ransomware HacksThousands of new cases from the global ransomware cyberattack were reported Monday in Asia, although there were no immediate reports of major breakdowns. Security experts had warned of fresh fallout from Friday’s attack when people returned to work on Monday and restart their computers. Many workers, especially in Asia, had already left their offices on Friday when software tools stolen from the NSA began disrupting computer systems in many countries. Copycat malware also could result in fresh problems. “We are in the second wave,” said Matthieu Suiche of Comae Technologies, a cybersecurity company based in the United Arab Emirates. The so-called WannaCry cyberattack hit more than 200,000 organizations in 150 countries, including Britain’s health service and Germany’s rail system, by exploiting a Microsoft Windows flaw identified by and stolen from the federal government. Microsoft said the ransomware attack should be a “wake-up call” to governments around the world.