Merkel: Europe Can No Longer ‘Completely Depend’ On U.S.

Merkel Europe Can No Longer Completely Depend On U.S.“The times in which we could completely depend on others are on the way out,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Sunday in Munich. “I’ve experienced that in the last few days,” she added. “We Europeans must really take our fate into our own hands โ€” of course in friendship with the United States of America, in friendship with Great Britain, and as good neighbors wherever that is possible also with other countries, even with Russia.” At NATO and G7 summits last week, European leaders bristled over President Trump’s refusal to flatly endorse NATO’s collective defense doctrine promise to stick to the Paris climate accord, plus his lecturing Europeans over NATO defense spending. The German-U.S. relationship has been a bedrock of post-World War II foreign policy, and Merkel is still “a deeply convinced trans-Atlanticist,” her spokesman, Steffen Seibert, said Monday. “Because trans-Atlantic relations are so important to this chancellor, it is right from her viewpoint to speak out honestly about differences.”