Report : Trump Asked Comey For Loyalty, Was Rebuffed

ReportTrump Asked Comey For Loyalty Was RebuffedA week after his inauguration, President Trump invited former FBI Director James Comey to a private dinner at the White House, where he demanded his loyalty, several Comey associates told The New York Times. Comey said the pair made small talk about the election and the size of Trump’s inaugural crowd before the president asked Comey if he would “pledge his loyalty to him,” the Times reports. Comey said no, he would not be “reliable” in the political sense, but he would always be honest. Later in the meal, Trump again stated he needed Comey’s loyalty, and Comey gave his word again that he would give him “honesty.” FBI directors are meant to be independent of the president, and Comey, who was fired Tuesday by Trump, told associates he now believes this was the beginning of the end for him. The White House told the Times this account is not accurate.