Source: At Least 2 Sealed Indictments in Trump Russia Investigation

Never TrumpGOPers Wants Committee To Investigate Russia And TrumpAt least two sealed indictments are at the Virginia Eastern District Court in the investigation into the Trump campaign as per a reliable source.

Joy Ann Reid became the first to refer to Grand Juries possibly summoned in the case of Donald Trump’s team and its collusion with the Russian government.

Claude Taylor sources had told him exclusively that Federal Grand Juries had almost completed their work. Taylor’s sources had told him that state and federal Grand Juries were convening in the case of the Trump team’s collusion with Russia.

It is not known the names in the sealed indictments, but it is has to either Paul Manafort, Mike Flynn, Carter Page, who all had contact with Russians and have taken money from foreign sources. Boris Epshteyn is also a possibility.