Trevor Noah Covers Trump’s First 100 Days & Pennsylvania Rally [VIDEO]

On Monday night Trevor Noah mocked Trump’s 100 days into his presidency, he joked about the way he lost that “new president smell” and how now he smells like “nepotism and steak sauce.”

Trevor contrasted Trump’s speech in Pennsylvania marking his 100 days in office with one of his rally speeches from the campaign, and it was tough to tell them apart. Trump still bellowed “Make America great again,” still promised to build the wall and still urged fans to remove protesters (“Get ‘em out of here.”).

“First Mexico won’t pay, now Congress won’t pay. Trump is running out of options. Right? He’s either going to have to launch a Kickstarter or go on ‘Shark Tank.’ Which would be really humiliating, because then we have to ask for money from real billionaires.”