Colbert: Trump And Rod Rosenstein Are The Same Person [VIDEO]

Stephen Colbert ripped President Trump for admitting on Twitter that he was being investigatedon last night show.

“Mr. President, do you know the phrase ‘You better lawyer up?’” Colbert began. “That’s short for ‘You better get a lawyer and shut up.”

“That would make him the third member of this investigation to be gone after Attorney General Jeff Sessions and former FBI Director Jim Comey,” Colbert continued. “It’s all in the latest season of Survivor: Justice Department Island.”

“So, if Trump says he decided to fire Comey and Trump says that Rod Rosenstein told Trump to fire Comey, that means Trump is Rod Rosenstein! It’s a Fight Club situation!

“They’re the same guy!” Colbert exclaimed. “I’ve never seen them on camera together! It explains why Trump can’t stop punching himself in the face!”