Colbert: Trump And Rod Rosenstein Are The Same Person [VIDEO]

Stephen Colbert ripped President Trump for admitting on Twitter that he was being investigatedon last night show.

β€œMr. President, do you know the phrase β€˜You better lawyer up?’” Colbert began. β€œThat’s short for β€˜You better get a lawyer and shut up.”

β€œThat would make him the third member of this investigation to be gone after Attorney General Jeff Sessions and former FBI Director Jim Comey,” Colbert continued. β€œIt’s all in the latest season of Survivor: Justice Department Island.”

β€œSo, if Trump says he decided to fire Comey and Trump says that Rod Rosenstein told Trump to fire Comey, that means Trump is Rod Rosenstein! It’s a Fight Club situation!

β€œThey’re the same guy!” Colbert exclaimed. β€œI’ve never seen them on camera together! It explains why Trump can’t stop punching himself in the face!”