WATCH Joe & Mika Respond To Trump’s Nasty Tweets



Morning Joe co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinki on Friday published a scathing column in response to President Trump’s Twitter attack on the pair just 24 hours earlier. The Washington Post piece, with the headline “Donald Trump Is Not Well,” denies the commander in chief’s claim that Brzezinki had a “face-lift” and chronicles a changing Trump, who, before the campaign, “was a flawed character but one who still seemed capable of keeping his worst instincts in check.” Trump on Thursday tweeted at the pair, calling Brzezinski “low I.Q. Crazy Mika” and doling out the nickname “Psycho Joe” to Scarborough. He claimed that Brzezinski was “bleeding badly from a face-lift” one night at Mar-a-Lago. The co-hosts, who are engaged to be married, wrote Friday that they were “neither shocked nor insulted by the president’s personal attack.” They avoided saying that Trump was not mentally able to carry out his duties as president—which would be a legal reason for him to be removed from office—but concluded that “the man is not mentally equipped to continue watching our show.”