GOP Senators Leave For Recess Without Health-Care Agreement

GOP Senators Leave For Recess Without Health Care AgreementSenators left Washington on Thursday night for a 10-day break without voting on the Senate Republican health-care bill, and after a day of negotiations Senate GOP leaders still did not have the pieces in place for a plan that could get 50 of their 52 votes. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and the White House have already agreed to increase the bill’s funding for the U.S. opioid addiction problem, to $45 billion from $2 billion, but Senate Republicans are seriously considering at least two other ideas, scrapping proposed tax cuts for wealthy Americans and allowing insurers to sell scaled-back health plans alongside ones that meet ObamaCare requirements. Each proposal gains some Senate votes and loses some. Republicans are now shooting for a mid-July or early-August vote.