Lawrence O’Donnell Is Staying At MSNBC

MSNBCs Lawrence ODonnell Taunts FCC by Showing Nudity on His Show VideoLawrence O’Donnell, the MSNBC primetime host of The Last Word, implied Wednesday evening that he has signed another contract to remain at the NBCUniversal-owned cable-news outlet. O’Donnell was the subject of rumors over whether he might part ways with the network, but that was largely put to rest when he tweeted, “Yes I will be saying hi to Rachel Maddow at 10pm for the foreseeable future.” During the last segment of his program, he asked an intern, “You know where I’ll be next week?” Then he said: “I will be sitting right here, talking about the James Comey hearing and everything else that happens next week, and everything that happens for the next couple of years.”