Putin Denies Having Compromising Info On Trump [VIDEO]

Russian President Vladimir Putin has scoffed at speculation the Kremlin has some form of leverage over U.S. President Donald Trump in an interview broadcast Sunday night. Asked by NBC News host Megyn Kelly whether he had any damning information on Trump, Putin said, “Well, this is just another load of nonsense.” The former KGB man’s comments—the latest denial of Russian involvement in Trump’s presidential campaign—comes just days before former FBI director James Comey is set to testify on Trump’s behavior surrounding the agency’s investigation into Russian election interference. Comey’s firing last month triggered concerns he was ousted to sabotage that investigation. His departure came as several former Trump allies were under scrutiny for their ties to Moscow, and amid intense speculation that the Kremlin had obtained compromising information on the U.S. president. Putin reacted with exasperation to the notion that Moscow has a special relationship with the U.S. president, however, noting that at least 100 American executives reside in Russia for business. “Do you think we’re gathering compromising information on all of them right now or something? Have you lost all your senses?” he asked Kelly. Putin also played down concerns over his contacts with Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who was famously photographed sitting next to the Russian president at a 2015 dinner. “I didn’t even really talk to him,” Putin said, adding that he was only informed later of Flynn’s background in intelligence.