Colbert: Trump Thinks Healthcare Is Something You Can Win [VIDEO]

On Wednesday’s Late Show Stephen Colbert ripped the Senate GOP health-care bill and its “one major flaw”.

“And I don’t want to get too wonky, but it’s a hot pile of garbage.” Senate GOP leaders delayed a vote on the bill until after the July 4 holiday, he added, and “it’s a smart move. You don’t want to strip people of health care until after the holiday that mixes booze and explosives.”

Colbert referred to a New York Times article that suggested Trump had failed as a closer. “Yeah, usually he’s a great closer โ€” I mean, just look at his casinos,” Colbert said. Trump did not like another article in the Times that suggested he knew nothing about the basics of the health-care plan, so he hit back on Twitter, insisting that he totally understands health-care policy and only wants victory for America. “Oh yes, he totally understands health care โ€” he thinks you can win it,” Colbert said, switching to his Trump-tweet voice: “At the next Olympics, the U.S. will take gold in the 400m prostate exam.”