Trump: I Am Calling It A ‘TRAVEL BAN!’ [VIDEO]

President Trump on Monday slammed his own administration’s travel ban as “watered down” and “politically correct.” He tweeted, “The Justice Dept. should have stayed with the original Travel Ban, not the watered down, politically correct version they submitted to S.C. The Justice Dept. should ask for an expedited hearing of the watered down Travel Ban before the Supreme Court – & seek much tougher version!” The weekend attack in London—which killed seven people and wounded another 48—seemed to be behind Trump’s renewed passion for the ban, which would halt travel from six predominantly-Muslim countries. The initial version of the ban included seven countries. Iraq was later omitted from the proposal. The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals was the latest to uphold a nationwide injunction against the ban last month, saying the executive order “drips with religious intolerance, animus, and discrimination.” Trump also finally settled the debate over what to call the executive order, after he and his team for months refused to call it a “travel ban.” He wrote, “People, the lawyers and the courts can call it whatever they want, but I am calling it what we need and what it is, a TRAVEL BAN!”