Pence Reassures Baltic States, Draws Firm Line Against Russia Aggression

Pence reassures Baltic states draws firm line against Russia aggressionVice President Mike Pence assured U.S. commitment to the Baltic states in the face of Russian aggression on Sunday in Tallinn, Estonia, his first stop on a four-day tour that will also include Georgia and Montenegro. While President Trump has been unclear in the past about where he draws the line with Russia, Pence confirmed that Moscow’s “destabilizing activities, its support for rogue regimes, its activities in Ukraine, are unacceptable.” Pence’s comments followed Trump’s decision to sign a Russian sanctions bill, and Russia’s retaliatory expulsion of 755 American diplomats. “While our policy is America-first, it’s not America-alone,” Pence said, “and โ€ฆ our allies in Eastern Europe can be confident that the United States of America stands with them.”