Protesters, Police Clash In Hamburg Germany During Trump Visit – WATCH LIVE

ProtestersPolice Clash In Hamburg Germany During Trump Visit WATCH LIVEHamburg protesters clash with police against the G20 summit and President Donald Trump’s arrival in the city. CLICK HERE TO WATCH LIVE

The β€œWelcome to Hell” rally was billed as the climax of a packed schedule of protests against the summit, which police say have drawn some 8,000 potentially violent leftwing activists from all over Europe and beyond.

Police deployed water cannon to clear anti-G20 protesters from Hamburg’s Fish Market as a major rally against the summit of world leaders descended into violence. Officers wearing white helmets and carrying batons charged demonstrators as they responded with chants of β€œsod off”. Some pelted police cars with bottles, though the vast majority were peaceful.

A demonstration planned for later on Thursday evening was to pass within 300m of the summit venue in downtown Hamburg. Organisers expected up to 10,000 marchers.

β€œThe G20 say they’re trying to solve the world’s problems but really it’s just about controlling the global economy,” said Lars, one of the protesters. β€œAnd it’s always at the expense of the poor.”