Al Franken Talks McCain Skinny Repeal Vote & Which Senators Are Funny

On Tuesday’s Late Show Stephen Colbert reminded Senator Al Franken about his comedian times. “Now that I’m a senator,” Franken replied, “I don’t want you for a moment to think that what you do here every night is any less important than what I do each day, even though it is less important.” So Colbert asked about what Franken and his colleagues do, and don’t do, in their day jobs. “There’s a lot of don’t-doing,” Franken conceded, “and sometimes the don’t-doing is good.”

“Were you there when McCain gave the thumbs-down?” Colbert asked. Franken said yes, and that he’d suspected but wasn’t sure that McCain would buck his party when tie-breaking Vice President Mike Pence left the chamber before the vote. “What’s interesting is there was applause” when McCain cast his vote, mostly from the gallery and staffers, Franken said, but Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) immediately signaled for silence, “and everybody stopped, because we didn’t want to gloat, and we shouldn’t gloat. This is serious, serious stuff.”


“Are the people in the Senate fun, are they funny people?” Colbert asked after the break. “Because it seems like a boring Thunderdome.” “Actually, a lot of my colleagues are funny, and that’s how I bond with them,” Franken said