Bannon White-Nationalists Losers And A Collection Of Clowns

Stephen Bannon Says Theres No Military Solution To North KoreaThe latest Stephen Bannon interview comes from a surprising source: The American Prospect, a progressive publication. Bannon associates told CNN and Axios that the White House chief strategist did not know his conversation with magazine co-founder Robert Kuttner would be turned into an article, published Wednesday, and that he had only called to chat with Kuttner because he liked his stance on China in a recent story. Bannon told Kuttner there is “no military solution” to North Korea and its nuclear threats, said the “economic war with China is everything” and the U.S. must be “maniacally focused on that,” and called white nationalists “losers,” “a fringe element,” and “a collection of clowns.” Kuttner said Bannon never asked for the conversation to be off the record.