Israeli Police: Netanyahu Is Suspect In Fraud Investigation

Israeli Police Netanyahu Is Suspect In Fraud InvestigationIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is the subject of an investigation into allegations of β€œfraud, breach of trust, and bribes,” Israeli police have confirmed. Meanwhile, news broke early Friday that Netanyahu’s former chief of staff, Ari Harow, reached a deal with prosecutors to become a state’s witness in the corruption cases against Netanyahu. Netanyahu denies any wrongdoing. The accusations were confirmed in police documents provided to a court by detectives Thursday. It marks the first time Netanyahu has been publicly confirmed as a suspect in such a case. Netanyahu’s wife, Sara, was also interviewed by police this week in a separate investigation probing household costs in the PM’s home. β€œWe completely reject the unfounded claims made against the prime minister,” said a statement from Netanyahu’s team. β€œThe campaign to change the government is underway, but it is destined to fail, for a simple reason: There won’t be anything because there was nothing.”