Morning Joe: Best For U.S. If Trump Sticks To ‘Fox Friends & Reading Happy Stories’

Morning JoeBest For U.S. If Trump Sticks To ‘Fox Friends Reading Happy Stories’MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough commented this morning about a Vice News report suggesting that President Trump receives a dossier twice a day containing nothing but images of positive headlines and tweets from around the Internet. That dossier is affectionately known as the “Propaganda Document.”

“Would we rather have people deliver Donald Trump a dossier of bad news every day? We know that never ends well,” said Scarborough. “As we’ve said before, we think it’s in America’s best interests and the best interests of the word that Donald Trump doesn’t watch Morning Joe every morning, because it makes him so angry. If watching Fox Friends and reading happy stories, and seeing pictures where he looks powerful keeps Donald Trump from going on the warpath maybe that’s what the doctor ordered.”