Stephen Colbert Speaks to The Mooch [VIDEO]

Anthony Scaramucci Would Fire Steve Bannon

Colbert: “There are rumors of infighting and that there is chaos in there. What was it like for the 10 days you were in there? Did you get a sense of the chaos?”

“It’s a tough place,” Scaramucci said, admitting that there was “a lot of infighting” amongst senior staff. “I have a tendency to be very open and very honest with people,” he continued. “What happens there though is people don’t do that. They go behind each other’s backs, they leak things to the press and they say nasty things to each other to destabilize them or to influence the president’s judgment of them. So at least, whatever you think about me, I was pretty open about how I felt about people.”

“Very open,” Colbert said.