Potentially ‘Catastrophic’ Harvey Now Category 4 Hurricane

Texans Brace For ‘Life Threatening’ Hurricane HarveyUPDATE: Potentially ‘Catastrophic’ Harvey Now Major Category 4 Hurricane

A South Texas children’s hospital has begun airlifting its sickest infants out of the path of Hurricane Harvey and several counties have ordered mandatory evacuations amid fears the “life-threatening” storm due to hit Friday as a Category 3 will wreak devastation.


Meteorologists warned Harvey may have winds as high as 111 miles per hour, and some areas can expect as much as 35 inches of rain. The Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi evacuated 10 infants from an intensive-care unit late Thursday over fears of power outages, while Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials in Port Isabel moved detainees to a facility out of the storm’s trajectory. Highways throughout the state were clogged with residents fleeing further inland, while those who chose to stay were stocking up on bottled water, filling sandbags, and boarding up windows to protect their homes.