Trumpโ€™s List of False Claims tops 1000, Average 5 a day [VIDEO]

The WAPO has been tracking President Trumpโ€™s false or misleading claims for more than seven months. Somewhere around Aug. 4 or Aug. 5, he broke 1,000 claims, and the tally now stands at 1,057.

At the presidentโ€™s current pace, he averages nearly five claims a day. Many are repeats of claims that have been previously debunked. We also include statements that are unacknowledged flip-flops from previously held positions, such as touting new highs in a stock market that he previously derided as being a โ€œbig, fat bubble.โ€

More than 30 of the presidentโ€™s misleading statements have been repeated three or more times.

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