Colbert Forces Bernie Sanders to Say Something Nice About Trump

On last night show Stephen Colbert forced Bernie Sanders to say something nice about President Trump.

“Is there something nice you could say about President Trump?” Colbert asked.

“Uh…” Sanders struggled.

The Late Show host threw the Vermont Senator a bone by going first.

“He still has all of his teeth,” Colbert quipped.

Sanders took another moment to think about what’s something nice he could say about Trump. Eventually, it came to him.

“Well let’s say this: he has talked about taking on the pharmaceutical industry and lowering the very, very high cost of prescription drugs in this country, and he is right to make the point that the drug companies are ripping us off in a terrible, terrible way,” Sanders said. “So President Trump, that’s what you said during the campaign, let’s go forward together and do that.”

Colbert added that Sanders and Trump also agree on infrastructure.

“That’s right,” Sanders responded. “The president said when he was a candidate, he said we need a trillion-dollar investment in our infrastructure, and that is exactly right, and I hope we can go forward.

The independent lawmaker continued, “The proposals that he seems to have brought forth really talk about privatization of our roads and our bridges and our water system which to me is total nonsense, but I hope that we can work together because our infrastructure, in fact, is collapsing, and we can create many, many millions of jobs by rebuilding it.”