John Kelly Cheerfully Tells The Press ‘I’m Not Quitting Today’

John Kelly Cheerfully Tells The Press Im Not Quitting TodayDuring todayโ€™s White House press briefing, Kelly popped up to address the press corps and let them know that he wasnโ€™t going anywhere anytime soon.

โ€œAlthough I read it all the time, pretty consistently, Iโ€™m not quitting today,โ€ Kelly stated, to a smattering of laughs. โ€ I donโ€™t believe, and Iโ€™ve just talked to the president, I donโ€™t believe Iโ€™m being fired today.โ€

Kelly also seemingly addressed reports that he has become extremely flustered trying to reign in the president, saying he isnโ€™t โ€œso frustrated that heโ€™s thinking of leavingโ€ while adding that this is the โ€œhardest jobโ€ heโ€™s ever had.