5 Women Allege Sexual Misconduct By Comedian Louis C.K.

Five women detailed to The New York Times their accounts of sexual misconduct by the comedian Louis C.K. in a story published Thursday. The women said C.K. either asked to masturbate in front of them or in fact did it without permission. Comedian Rebecca Corry said C.K. asked to pleasure himself in front of her while they were on set for a TV pilot in 2005, a request she declined, while comedic duo Dana Min Goodman and Julia Wolov said that in 2002, the three of them were in a hotel room when C.K. asked them if he could take out his penis. The women thought he was joking, but then “he really did it. … He proceeded to take all of his clothes off … and started masturbating.” C.K.’s publicist told the Times that the comedian “would not answer any questions.”