Kayla Moore: Weโ€™re Not Anti-Semitic, Our Lawyer Is Jewish

U.S. Senate candidate Roy Mooreโ€™s wife dismissed allegations of anti-Semitism on Monday night by claiming that she and her husband have Jewish friends, including their lawyer. โ€œFake news will tell you that we donโ€™t care for Jews,โ€ Kayla Moore told rally-goers on the eve of the election, according to reporters on the scene. โ€œOne of our attorneys is a Jew!โ€ Roy Moore has been accused of anti-Semitism for his comments about George Soros, a Jewish donor to liberal causes. Earlier this month, Moore appeared to imply that Jews would go to hell, saying Soros was โ€œgoing to the same place that people who donโ€™t recognize God and and morality and accept his salvation are going. And thatโ€™s not a good place.โ€