Bannon Loses Support of the Mercers & Trump Names Him ‘Sloppy Steve’

Steve Bannon Were going to war in the South China Sea ... no doubtTrump came up with a new nickname for his former chief strategist. In the wake of Steve Bannonโ€™s explosive and provocative comments in Michael Wolffโ€™s new White House tell-all, Trump took to Twitter to label the Breitbart chief โ€œSloppy Steve.โ€

Enthusiasm for Stephen K. Bannonโ€™s plans for a fiery Republican revolution had already been fading among some of the donors and candidates he was relying on to upend the partyโ€™s establishment.

But Mr. Bannonโ€™s provocative remarks about President Trump and his family, reported in a new book now scheduled to be released this week, and Mr. Trumpโ€™s angry response, further alienated some of Mr. Bannonโ€™s most important backers โ€” including the family of the hedge fund magnate Robert Mercer โ€” leaving Mr. Bannon confronting the possibility of a dire fate for a publicity-hungry provocateur: political irrelevance.

The Mercers were blunt on Thursday in cutting the cord, reiterating support for Mr. Trump while disavowing Mr. Bannonโ€™s remarks and disowning his political endeavors. โ€œMy family and I have not communicated with Steve Bannon in many months and have provided no financial support to his political agenda, nor do we support his recent actions and statements,โ€ Rebekah Mercer, Mr. Mercerโ€™s daughter, said in a statement. โ€œI have a minority interest in Breitbart News and I remain committed in my support for them.โ€

The reference to Breitbart seemed an implicit threat. Mr. Bannon is chairman of Breitbart, and many staff members there believe there is a strong chance he might lose the job, though he was dismissive of that possibility on the siteโ€™s daily editorial conference call on Thursday night, according to one person with knowledge of the call.

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