Cybersecurity Firm: Russia-linked Hackers Targeting US Senate

The same Russian government-aligned hackers who penetrated the Democratic Party have spent the past few months laying the groundwork for an espionage campaign against the U.S. Senate, a cybersecurity firm said Friday.

The revelation suggests the group often nicknamed Fancy Bear, whose hacking campaign scrambled the 2016 U.S. electoral contest, is still busy trying to gather the emails of Americaโ€™s political elite.

โ€œTheyโ€™re still very active โ€” in making preparations at least โ€” to influence public opinion again,โ€ said Feike Hacquebord, a security researcher at Trend Micro Inc., which published the report. โ€œThey are looking for information they might leak later.โ€ The Senate Sergeant at Arms office, which is responsible for the upper houseโ€™s security, declined to comment.

Hacquebord said he based his report on the discovery of a clutch of suspicious-looking websites dressed up to look like the U.S. Senateโ€™s internal email system. He then cross-referenced digital fingerprints associated with those sites to ones used almost exclusively by Fancy Bear, which his Tokyo-based firm dubs โ€œPawn Storm.โ€