Netanyahu’s Son Sorry For Bragging About Gas Deal On Strip-Club Tape

Yair Netanyahu apologized Tuesday for a secret audio tape recording of him boasting about the role of his father, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in a controversial gas deal. “Bro, my dad now arranged for you a $20 billion deal and you can’t spot me 400 shekels?” Yair, 26, asked Ori Maimon, son of gas tycoon Kobi Maimon, on a 2015 recording taped outside a strip club. “Bro, you have to spot me. My dad made an awesome deal for your dad, bro. He fought, fought in the Knesset for this, bro.” The younger Netanyahu said the remarks were a “bad joke” made while drunk, and “aimed at mocking” Maimon. But Prime Minister Netanyahu likely isn’t laughing as he has repeatedly denied any connection to Kobi Maimon while police investigate him for alleged corruption.