Adult Film Actress Payed $130K to Keep Quiet about Relations with Trump

Trump Lawyer paid 130K to Adult Film Actress to Keep Quiet about Sexual EncounterA lawyer representing President Trump arranged a $130,000 payment to a former adult film star one month before the 2016 presidential election to prevent her from discussing an alleged sexual encounter between her and Trump some ten years earlier.

The Wall Street Journal cited sources familiar with the matter, and was the first to report on the agreement between Trump’s longtime attorney and the woman, Stephanie Clifford, whose movie name is Stormy Daniels.

Michael Cohen, who was a lawyer for the Trump Organization at the time, did not directly address the latest report of the payment, but said “these rumors have circulated time and again since 2011.”

“Trump once again vehemently denies any such occurrence as has Ms. Daniels,” he said.

The source of this article is at the Wall St. Journal, not the most liberal leaning of papers, considering Rupert Murdoch bought it years ago.

Trump has a lot of problems right now, as the world is enraged by his “shithole” comments about Haiti and Africa.