Mika Brzezinski Gets Angry with Michael Wolff on Morning Joe [VIDEO]

‘Fire and Fury’ writer Michael Wolff discusses affair innuendos between Donald Trump and U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., Nikki Haley.

MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski abruptly ended an interview with author Michael Wolff on Thursday morning after Wolff denied that he had accused U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley of having an affair with President Donald Trump.

Wolff, the author of the incendiary but error-specked book โ€œFire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,โ€ was on set with Brzezinski on MSNBCโ€™s โ€œMorning Joeโ€ on Thursday for a conversation that initially focused on the ongoing Russia investigation.

The conversation quickly turned to remarks Wolff made last week on HBOโ€™s โ€œReal Time With Bill Maher,โ€ where Wolff claimed to know that Trump was having an affair but could not responsibly say with whom. Instead, Wolff pointed viewers to a passage located somewhere at โ€œthe end of the bookโ€ that would single out Trumpโ€™s mistress.

Readers quickly identified a passage in which Wolff wrote that Haley โ€œhad become a particular focus of Trumpโ€™s attention, and he of hersโ€ and another in which he wrote โ€œthat [Haley], with requisite submission, could be his heir apparent.โ€ Haley, in an interview with POLITICO, called Wolffโ€™s insinuation โ€œdisgustingโ€ and โ€œhighly offensive.โ€

But Wolff insisted, much to the agitation of Brzezinski and others on the โ€œMorning Joeโ€ set, that he had not made any suggestion about Haley.