Trump Blames Kristjen Nielsen for Not Stopping Immigrants at Border

border detention familyPresident Donald Trump unloaded on Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen at a heated cabinet meeting this week, railing against her for failing to stop illegal border crossings because it’s ALL HER FAULT that apprehensions at the border have tripled.  Also, it’s her fault the courts keep slapping Trump down.  Nielsen tried to explain the issues were complex and that the department’s powers were limited by a slew of legal restrictions but the Cheeto president had to have someone to blame. Some people said Nielsen on the verge of resignation but, of course, the Homeland Security spokesman Tyler Houlton denied it. Nielsen continued to toe the party line, saying she was rightly frustrated as was Trump. Nielsen said, “Border security is the most basic and necessary responsibility of a sovereign nation” and said she would “continue to direct the Department to do all we can to implement the President’s security-focused agenda.”

Trump has growing increasingly angry about his inability to secure the border while border apprehensions have returned to more typical historical levels.  He’s also mad cuz Congress won’t fund his border wall, though it seems he’s forgotten that Mexico is supposed to pay for it, and has accused DHS leaders of not being mean enough to undocumented families by slow-walking more aggressive efforts to separate children from their parents at the border.  U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, in full on jerk-mode this week, announced a new “zero-tolerance” policy toward people who enter the United States illegally, saying they will charge undocumented parents who bring their children to the U.S. with human smuggling as well as illegal border crossing, including those who are seeking asylum.

Kristjen Nielsen better start separating more families at the border faster or she’ll be unemployed.

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