Hypocrite Trump Decries Gun-free Zones at NRA Gun-free Zone

Trump AbbottDonald Trump promised to protect 2nd Amendment rights, didn’t mention his previous positions on background checks after the latest school massacre, and proceeded to campaign for the biggest jerks in Texas government at the NRA Convention in Dallas. Tying gun rights to winning midterms, Trump spent more time pushing for get-out-the-vote efforts and fawning over Gov. Greg Abbott, Ken Paxton, Angela Paxton, and Ted Cruz.

Not to be left out of the pandering, Mike Pence showed up to fire up the crowd prior to Trump’s appearance, hitting all the required talking points in his speech. “You have two friends in the White House. President Donald Trump and I both stand without apology for the Second Amendment and in this administration the right of the people to keep and bear arms will not be infringed,” Pence told the crowd in downtown Dallas.

The NRA did not disappoint their minions, showing a series of videos that mocked Hollywood elites and the news media. A brief clip of Hillary Clinton was met with jeers. One video focused on “the ungrateful” — depicted as Black Lives Matter protesters. Police, the video says, “even protect the ungrateful, the ones who are quick to criticize but are even quicker to dial 9-1-1.”  So remember that, you ungrateful people who think that anyone matters who isn’t an NRA member.

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