Pompeo Continues Threatening Iran [VIDEO]

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke at a conservative public policy think tank on Monday, May 21, 2018, and called for a new nuclear agreement with Iran following President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear deal. He says the Trump administration prefers for it to be a treaty that is ratified by Congress. The proposed treaty will consist of 12 “basic requirements” which include halting all enrichment of uranium, stop ballistic missile program, allow nuclear inspectors access to the entire country, release all U.S. citizens held by Iran, end support for Houthi rebels in Yemen, withdrawing all forces from Syria and for Iran to stop being mean to Israel. Pompeo essentially demanded Iran’s total submission without offering anything in return aside from the hazy prospect of sanctions relief at some future date.

Pompeo continues to threaten the “sting of sanctions”, calling them the “strongest sanctions in history by the time we are complete.” Asked how the U.S. will work with European nations to ease the impact of sanctions on their companies, Pompeo said that both the U.S. and Europe will have to sacrifice business opportunities. European nations, as well as Russia and China, are vowing to stand by the current deal that Iran reached with six world powers and that Trump recently violated. The signing nations are trying to insulate their companies from the promised sanctions. Iran is almost certainly going to reject the new U.S. demands as being too intrusive and broad.

Pompeo said that that if Iran meets the Trump administration’s demands the U.S. would end the sanctions, give Iran access to advanced technology and re-establish diplomatic and commercial relations. As for the consequences, Pompeo was vague, saying only that Iran would be met with “steely resolve” and that Iran would have “bigger problems than they’ve ever had before” if they resume their nuclear program.

Regime change was also on the table, as Pompeo strongly hinted that the Iranian people ought to overthrow their leaders, pointing out that Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei “…will not live forever, nor will the Iranian people abide the rigid rule of tyrants forever.”

Keep up the sweet talk, Pompeo, surely Iran will learn to love you.

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