Trump Gets Cold Feet Fearing Failure at N Korea Talks

trump NK coinTrump’s planned summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un increasingly looks doomed, even though he’s had an incredibly ugly coin cast to commemorate the ‘peace talks’.  Trump is less than one month away from possibly making history as the first sitting US president to meet a sitting North Korean leader — but it’s increasingly looking as if he’s ill-prepared and sailing toward embarrassment. It seems as if South Korea was played by North Korea and leaders of both countries have apparently played Trump.  Earlier this month, with only weeks until the historic summit, North Korea flipped on the US and South Korea, blasting them both with a series of complaints that seemed like yet another Kim Jong Un tantrum.

Trump had reportedly questioned whether he should even go through with the summit and hastily spoke on the phone with South Korean President Moon Jae-in for reassurance.  Mr. Deal-maker Trump has telegraphed that he wants the meeting more than the other party, giving the advantage to North Korea, as it now appears Trump is the one trying to hold onto a meeting that North Korea appears willing to ditch.  It has been reported that Trump came dangerously close to striking North Korea last year. In doing so, he may have scared South Korea, not North Korea, into negotiations.  South Korea has plenty of reasons to push for diplomacy with North Korea, not least of which is that its citizens would be likely to bear the brunt of the suffering and death if war broke out.

Kim’s unwinding Trump’s win on the North Korea front with a sophisticated diplomatic ruse could prove embarrassing to Trump before the midterm elections later this year.  Trump’s newly appointed national security adviser, John Bolton, has long advocated war with North Korea — and has been partly blamed for the recent collapse in diplomatic progress.

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