Giant “Trump Baby” balloon to Greet Trump in London [VIDEO]

President Donald Trump is going to the United Kingdom next week — a trip he’s been canceling and rescheduling for months due to worries over massive protests.  Massive demonstrations are still expected when the US president gets into town on July 13. One will include a huge balloon of Trump’s likeness floating across the London skyline — wearing a diaper.

The 19-foot “Trump Baby” balloon, which will fly for two hours during the president’s visit, is just one part of demonstrations that are expected to attract thousands of people. London Mayor Sadiq Khan approved the flight of the Trump balloon, after more than 10,000 people signed a petition. The National Air Traffic Service (NATS) and Metropolitan Police also have to grant approvals, so “Trump Baby” is not a totally done deal yet.

Now, Trump will finally meet with UK Prime Minister May on July 13, but he won’t get the official state visit treatment afforded past leaders in the other half of this increasingly strained “special relationship.” But he’ll still get to meet the queen.  Relations have been strained with all of America’s allies, particularly following Trump’s tense meeting at the G7 in June and his decision to move ahead with steel and aluminum tariffs. Trump will attend a NATO summit in Brussels before arriving for his meeting with May in London — meaning there’s plenty of time for more drama to unfold.

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