Guiliani All Over MSM – Speaks Out of Both Sides of His Mouth

Rudy Giuliani went on a chaotic media tour, starting with a nutso interview on CNN. Each subsequent interview seemed to clean up a key element laid out in a previous appearance, culminating with an interview with The Daily Beast where Giuliani appeared to blame the fall out from all the interviews on inquisitive New York Times reporters.  Giuliani suggested NY Times reporters compelled him to proactively spin a potentially damaging story that may or may not actually be real.

Monday, the president’s lawyer claimed that, in fact, he was only speaking off of as-yet unverified details from reporters who had contacted Team Trump to ask about the planning meeting.  Giuliani told The Daily Beast that this included reporters from The New York Times, such as the paper’s star Trump reporter Maggie Haberman, who had reached out about the alleged pre-meeting meeting. So, he added, “Jay [Sekulow] and I spent a great deal of [Sunday] trying to run it down,” and that they managed to “shut it down” and help kill the story.

Haberman, one of the reporters who Giuliani fingered as a source for the confusion he himself had created, “We don’t talk about sourcing, and wouldn’t now—but I have lost the thread of what the former mayor is talking about.” Haberman said.

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