Dems Come Close To Flipping Seat in Bright Red Ohio District


Last night on Maddow Nicole Wallace broke it down. Dems are within striking distance for a bright red seat.

ohio 12th election tonight

A critical House special election on Tuesday could provide some of the biggest clues yet about how much trouble Republicans could be in this November.

In Ohio, the last Republican vs. Democrat matchup before November has become the latest proxy fight for whether Democrats can harness the energy, activism and over-performance in past special elections to pull off an upset in a GOP-held district.

Republicans, meanwhile, have brought in President Trump himself and millions of dollars to stop that from happening, which would further trigger alarm bells about a possible blue wave in the fall midterms.

Four other states are holding their regular primaries โ€” Kansas, Michigan, Missouri and Washington โ€” where there are important House, Senate and gubernatorial contests on the ballot.

Several races feature some of the progressive vs. establishment battles that have divided the Democratic Party so far this year, and there are also more women running who could add to historic numbers.

On the GOP side, in addition to the House special election, President Trump has waded into competitive primaries as well โ€” a further test of his considerable ability to sway his base for or against candidates, even though some national Republicans fear he could be boosting weaker candidates.

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