WH Counsel Don McGahn Cooperating with Mueller in Trump-Russia Probe

White House counsel McGahn has cooperated with Mueller Trump acknowledges White House counsel McGahn has cooperated with Mueller, claims to have released ‘over 1 million’ pages of related documents.

White House Counsel Donald F. McGahn is cooperating extensively with Robert Mueller’s probe, The New York Times reported on Saturday. The lawyer was originally encouraged to do so by the president’s first legal team.

The White House counsel has given the team investigating President Donald Trump’s ties to Russia detailed information about the president’s conduct in the matter, The New York Times reported on Saturday, a fact Trump himself acknowledged was a bid for transparency.

The publication, citing around a dozen current and former administration members, said that Donald McGahn has given Robert Mueller’s investigators extensive accounts related to whether Trump obstructed justice. The interviews have totaled 30 hours over the last nine months, and have been conducted in part with the president’s encouragement, The Times reported.

Trump and his advocates have vigorously denied collaborating with Russia’s efforts to influence the election. In fact, McGahn’s cooperation was the fruit of an initial decision by Trump’s first legal team to collaborate fully with Mueller’s probe, in the belief he did nothing wrong