Explosive Devices Sent to Obama Office, Clintons & CNN

Packages containing suspected explosives were sent to the homes of the former president Barack Obama and the former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. The bombs were intercepted by the US secret service.

Another suspect package addressed to the former attorney general Eric Holder was discovered before reaching its target. The FBI also reported finding two suspicious packages addressed to the Democratic congresswoman Maxine Waters. Federal investigators were also trying to track down a suspicious package they believe was addressed to the former vice president Joe Biden, a US official told Reuters.

CNN evacuated its studios in New York after what police called a “live explosive device” was found in its mailroom. The package was addressed to John Brennan, the former CIA director, who has repeatedly clashed with Trump.

Some Democrats expressed fears that party figures were coming under attack before the 6 November congressional elections. James O’Neill, the New York police commissioner, said the recipients may have been selected because of their opposition to Trump. “It is of concern to us,” O’Neill said.

The packages are being analysed by the FBI at its lab in Virginia.

Donald Trump attacks media ‘hostility’ after attempted pipe bombings.

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