Pelosi to Trump: No State of the Union Speech Until Shutdown Ends

Pelosi asks Trump to postpone State of the Union address because of shutdown β€” or deliver it in writing.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked President Trump on Wednesday to postpone his State of the Union address β€” or deliver it in writing β€” if the government shutdown doesn’t end this week, an extraordinary suggestion that touched off a day of maneuvering and political theater from the White House to Capitol Hill.

The address, scheduled for Jan. 29, would give Trump a prime-time televised platform to make his case for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, the sticking point in a partisan stalemate that has closed large parts of the government since Dec. 22.

Pelosi did not rescind her invitation for Trump to deliver the address, but in a letter to the president she suggested they work together to find a different date for it after the government has reopened, because of the security costs involved from federal agencies that are going without funding.

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