Barr Is Engaging In Impeachable Conduct to Shield Trump

AG Barr Is Engaging In Impeachable Conduct. Let’s examine why.

bill barr trollface AG WILLIAM BARRSomething often overlooked in the news is the questioning of an individual’s personal motivations and aspirations. Why would William Barr act as a shield for Trump defending his presidency against the damning evidence contained in the Mueller Report? Why did Mr. Barr send an unsolicited letter to Mr. Trump back in June of 2018 outlining how he thought the president could not obstruct justice?

Trump’s Roy Cohn

Barr is now Trump’s Roy Cohn, his personal attorney, as has been widely reported. He is not acting as the Attorney General for the people of the US. This much is clear, and has become consistent behaviour in recent days.

He has lied to Congress and stalled activities and requests from Congress, at the risk of being accused of obstruction. In fact, all of his behaviours protecting the President are incredibly risky. He could be impeached from his position.

What would motivate someone such as Barr to emerge voluntarily from retirement, in order to commit potentially impeachable offences? Certainly the motivation appears to be mysterious even dubious.

Barr’s Motivation

We can only surmise, but surmising is acceptable using the limited universe of possible motivations.Β  Most people operate on a quid pro quo basis, especially in the current massively corrupt administration. Barr has already served as Attorney General for George Bush. It is no new feather in Barr’s cap to be Attorney General.

So it would be acceptable to inquire as to not only Barr’s motivation, but the payoff he is looking for. What could possibly be the quid pro quo at least implied for the severe risks Mr. Barr takes? What is the feather he wants in his cap?

Congress already approved Mr. Barr for the position of Attorney General. He lied, clearly, during his confirmation process. A hue and cry about his lies has not been meaningfully raised by that same Congress. So we know that Congress is weak, particularly the Senate, who will not hold either Mr. Barr nor the president to account. Therefore, Mr. Barr is free to proceed in his position of personal attorney protecting and advising the Imperial President.

It All Comes Down to Personal Ambition

Mr. Barr could well be seeking nothing less than a Supreme Court judicial nomination when the next opening comes up.Β  What else would make a man sell his soul to an anti-American corrupt criminal president?