Trump Plays the Fool Again Up Against Chuck & Nancy [VIDEO]

The line of the day came from the Orange Menace himself when he said, “I don’t do coverups.” The first thing that came to my mind was: “Hey Fat Donny, did you take a look at what’s on the top of your head?”

Yesterday Trump tried to setup Chuck Schumer and Speaker Pelosi, but instead, once again, Trump looked foolish and probably walked into another article of impeachment as he is refusing to do his job and told the Speaker and Schumer that he would not work with them on any infrastructure bill or anything else until the investigations into him are stopped. So basically the President won’t do he job and is engaged in a coverup.

If he doesn’t do coverups why did he pay Stormy Daniels and other women to keep quiet, and once again I will refer to that dead baby fox on the top of his head covering up his baldness.

Here is Chuck Schumer on CNN explaining the meeting with Cheeto and you will understand how petulant and small this person in the White House actually is. #ImpeachTrump