House Judiciary Committee Begins Hearings on Mueller’s Report

jerry nadler judicial committeeThe House Judiciary Committee will hold hearings Monday afternoon on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report, focusing on what Mueller discovered about “presidential obstruction and other crimes.” Witnesses will include former Nixon White House Counsel John Dean and some of the 1,000-plus former federal prosecutors who signed a letter saying President Trump would face criminal obstruction charges if he were not president.

Monday’s hearings kick off a week in which House Democrats hope to focus on Mueller’s findings, believing the public is largely unaware of what he uncovered about Russian election interference, the multiple interactions between Russians and Trump’s campaign, and obstruction of justice. On Tuesday, the House will vote on whether to authorize contempt cases against Attorney General William Barr and former White House Counsel Don McGahn, both of whom failed to comply with House subpoenas, and on Wednesday, the House Intelligence Committee will hold a hearing on the Russia part of Mueller’s report.

House Democrats hope this paves the way for testimony from Mueller himself, despite his objections to testifying in public. Some Democrats are hoping the hearings pave the way for an impeachment inquiry against Trump.

Source: The Week